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  • 김나희 09/06
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  • Ujjwal Chapagain 11/13
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Ujjwal Chapagain 의 생일 기부 스토리

I initiated commercial rabbit farming for meat purpose for the first time in Nepal in 2012. We have been providing training, regular monitoring and supervision at their field and are assuring the buy back of rabbits produced to ensure regular source of nutrition and income to the low-income families in different areas. To scale up this support, we have realized the importance of a model demonstration farm that will act as a training center to provide them with hands-on practical experiences so as to initiate and sustain the rabbit farm. The farmers will learn about housing, feeding by using the local resources, management, sanitation and hygiene aspects that are very important for them to succeed in rabbit farming. This demonstration center will help them to establish and operate a farm with minimum investment and provide them with updated knowledge, quality breeds. The families can run and become a model farmer at their place by replicating the model.

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친구들과 생일 기부 스토리를 공유해보세요~*